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welcome to AD Intensive

Education at your fingertips

Done the After Dark way

After Dark Education was created to engage photographers in a new and innovative, in person educational experience.

After Dark Intensive has been created to build off of what has been started in a safe, but chaotic online experience.

The foundation of an online learning/ teaching experience has been created that will grow and develop with the AD family. We understand that learning is not a one button solution and that in depth discussions and many examples are needed to promote and sustain growth. We will teach and learn from each other in real time addressing real life challenges that will help each one of us excel.

After Dark is not for everyone, however, if you want to work hard, share and network with the most caring, selfless people in the industry, you belong with AD Intensive. For $100 a year the possibilities are endless. We are not promising anything….we are expecting everything.
Sign up today and gain immediate access to the website as well as first option on After Dark Event registrations before it is released to the general public.